Summer Cardigan

I’m sick in bed and I need something not complicated to do, while my head is exploding and my nose is as red as Rudolph’s. Thank god it’s a rainy day.

I’m making a Summer Cardigan in soft Eco cotton which I bought in Netto a while ago. I bought it with no particular project in mind…
I tend to do that a lot!
I still can’t upload my own pictures. Did I change something browserwise!?? Hope I can fix it in the next few days so I can show of the result.

Pattern is for free at the Lionbrand website (here) – You might need to register to downoad it.

Do you know the Lionbrand website??

They got so many cool patterns and they’re all free!!!
Look at theese patterns who are all in my favorites pile (and to-do list of course)

Cable fringed hat – pattern here!
How cool is that?

Sweet hat and jacket set for fall
Pattern found here!

Cool hat for summer. Perhaps with a Liberty band instead of a crochet one!?
Pattern can be found here!

I love this Raglan sleeve topper. This is most definitely next on my project list. I just haven’t found the right yarn yet. Sockyarn? Cottonwool? Højlandsuld? Merinowool?

Pattern can be found here!

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